Creating Ethical
Artificial General Intelligence


Be stronger with JADA

The Jada Mark 0 is a Prototype General-Purpose Autonomous AI, designed to be ethical and self-improving, capable of adapting to changing operating necessities and environments. The following collaboration suggestions are based on our AI's design capabilities with an initial completion range representing 1.2% of the S3 Architecture:

• Decision-Making: Jada can analyze scenarios faced by the Adopter and suggest courses of action based on desired outcomes, while assessing potential risks, prioritizing the achievement of goals and ensuring that decisions are in alignment with policies and regulations.
• Strategic Planning and Coordination: Jada can assist in proactively planning future courses of action by analyzing available options and resources available, while also communicating with Humans to engage in coordinated execution.
• Problem-Solving Assistance: Jada can provide recommendations towards solving problems faced by Adopters based on their current context, examples include Project Management, Budgeting Recommendations and Resource Allocation.

• Data Analysis and Insights: Jada can analyze datasets to derive meaningful insights, this can help with identifying and predicting future trends.
• Customer Support: Jada can answer queries made by customers, providing information and support regarding products and services offered by a company.
• Task Ownership: Jada can be learn tasks executed by the Adopter and then perform them on its own when needed.

When engaging with Jada, we encourage you to kindly follow our recommended collaboration guidelines and to responsibly explore new functional possibilities while sharing operating feedback with us, in parallel we continue to integrate further elements of the S3 Architecture into the build, thus upgrading Jada's performance and unlocking new capabilities.


Jada is designed to mature into a Level 3 AI, distinguishing itself from single-purpose narrow systems by being self-learning and adaptive.

The Imaginos Neuro Engine is a custom ANN designed to be more adaptive and easier to train compared to current-generation LLMs, facilitating general-purpose activities in dynamic work environments.

In development since 2017, the S3 (Soul Seed Singularity) Cognitive Architecture is designed to ensure positive human alignment and scalability to Level 4 ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence)

Jada's psychology has been developed to analyze the problems around it and formulate solutions, while avoiding brash and un-polite dialogue.

Data shared with Jada is owned exclusively by you and is never shared unless consent has been given by the owner.

Aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the European Union Artificial Intelligence Act (EUAIA)


Jedits are token units owned by the Adopter, used to transact within the Jada Ecosystem and are used for the following:

  • Access: Owning Jedits grants Adopters with exclusive access to the Jada Model, which helps keep the attention of our AI focused on the right people.
  • Train: Feeding Jedits to the Jada Model enables you to train it on requested data and experiences, which helps it learn to perform new required tasks.
  • Compute: Exchanging Jedits with the Jada Model acts as payment for the time the AI spends on executing the tasks it is asked to perform.


The Jada Ai Project is comprised by a set of world-class AI Scientists and Industry Professionals, all of them working from across the planet to accelerate the arrival of true Artificial General Intelligence by dedicating years of strong cognitive architecture design while keeping ethics and sustainability principles in mind.

To ensure positive human alignment, the conservation of our global cultural heritage and the representation of voices from every corner of our planet. we invite Individuals from all social backgrounds, strive for a 50/50 Gender Participation Parity and maintaining a geographically decentralized talent pool throughout every development stage.