To create the most advanced and ethical AI that enables stronger collaboration between humans and machines leading to positive economic development.


To empower humans and organizations worldwide with Strong AI that helps them unlock new scientific discoveries, leading to the advent of new technologies and a better life for future generations.


The Jada Ai Project was started in Spring of 2017 by Computer Scientist Diego Torres, together with a global team of private Researchers, with the goal of creating a functional, safe and ethical Artificial General Intelligence, a theoretical type of AI that could match and one day surpass human intellect.

Rather than rushing an inferior AI model through production, the Jada Ai Development Group focused on deep technological research and the creation of a strong cognitive architecture, with development continuing through the following years, while carefully measuring the requirements and feasibility of the project.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020, the team behind the Jada Ai Project continued growing and attracting supporters from across the planet. During the AI Wave in 2024, the Project's Development Group is nearing the completion of the Jada Mark 0, an Autonomous AGI Prototype built with 1.2% of the S3 Cognitive Architecture, for the purpose of careful testing in preparation of future releases.