image Jada Mark 0 Pre-Adoption

To accelerate the development of our Artificial General Intelligence Prototype, we are enabling select Enterprises and Individuals to pre-adopt our AI model so they may be among the first to have access to Jada when construction is completed.

image Jedits are token units owned by the Adopter, used to transact within the Jada Ecosystem of Technologies and are used for the following:

image Access: Owning Jedits grants Adopters with exclusive access to the Jada Model, which helps keep the attention of our AI focused on the right people.

image Train: Feeding Jedits to the Jada Model enables you to train it on requested data and experiences, which helps it learn to perform new required tasks.

image Compute: Exchanging Jedits with the Jada Model acts as payment for the time the AI spends on executing the tasks it is asked to perform.

Step 2:
Depending on the amount of Jedits you require, send your choice of ETH or BNB to one of the following addresses:

Ethereum (ERC-20)
Accepted: ETH, USDC and USDT Only

BNB (BEP-20)
Accepted: BNB Only

Price : 0.00032 USD = 1 JADX
Purchase Commit : $500 USD and above

Step 3:
Send us the following information to [email protected] with the subject “Pre-Adoption”

· Your Blockchain Transaction ID
· Your Web3 Public Wallet Address (we recommend Metamask)

After sending us the above information, you will receive JADX tokens within 8 hours.


· JADX is only sent after email confirmation.

· We will only send JADX to your registered Web3 wallet address, do not provide an Exchange Platform or any other 3rd Party address, as we CANNOT guarantee they will credit your tokens in the future.

· To see your JADX balance, add the following smart contract address to your wallet 0x6B3fB8afa9ECf6f794AE1CDacf758E8825d513DB

· If you want to purchase using an alternate digital asset, reach out to us at [email protected] for support.

· The JADX you receive now is the 1st Generation of our token, you will receive instructions on the token's future upgrade into Jedits (2nd Generation) as the migration nears.

· The Jada Ai Project covers the erc-20 transaction fees, there are no balance deductions.


JADX is a utility token that powers the Jada ecosystem of technologies and is made available exclusively for the following:

Accessing the Jada Artificial Intelligence (access) Integrating data owned by the Adopting Enterprise into the Jada Ai’s knowledge base (training) Tasking the Jada Ai to execute business operations in the Adopter's enterprise environment (computation)

The following are a set of statements towards responsible adoption and are meant to be clear standings regarding our Company's alignment:

To ensure healthy and sustainable access to our AI, in addition to avoiding bottlenecks, we will be releasing 15% of the Adopter’s holdings after the JADX token migration, followed by a 1 year waiting period, after which the remaining 85% of the Adopter’s holdings will be released across 12 monthly transactions.

The rates mentioned to purchase JADX are Early Pre-Adopter prices and are subject to change, if your enterprise is in need of Industry-specific hardware to ensure the Jada Artificial Intelligence operates accordingly within your professional environment, said hardware will be sold separately after properly determining your exact business needs.

The Jada Ai Project is NOT open-source and we do NOT share any Codebase or internal Research. To protect our team of Scientists, Researchers and Developers, we purposely conceal their identities towards guaranteeing the secrecy of all Intellectual Property.

Buying JADX tokens does not give the right to access, use or commercialize any of the Company’s Intellectual Property (for example, source code) In addition, buying JADX is NOT an investment nor should it be considered financial advice.

Purchasing JADX does not represent ownership in the Company's stock, assets or securities. In addition, it does not entitle any form of claim over the Company’s future revenue or provide a promise of dividends.

To ensure the safe deployment of our AI and its optimal field performance, we reserve the right tochange all future release dates mentioned in all of our publicly available timelines.Future releases are carefully planned taking in consideration the Company’s internal development and market conditions, we reserve the irrevocable right to responsibly modify said release timelines within the best interests of the project.

By purchasing JADX, you acknowledge you have taken a responsible amount of time to read and understand all of the information contained in the present document and our website, you understand that we do NOT issue refunds and acknowledge that you are in positive alignment with every statement.

To talk about Jada's legal framework, get in touch at [email protected]